Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas you rascals...

Well look what we have here, I missed the birthday of Coggblog by 3 (now 4 as I write - Happy Christmas!) days. Take away my dessert and call me a rapscallion. rather than find a theme, I thought I'd actually write a blog of what I'm doing, as it's the birthday of God's eldest tomorrow and the first anniversary of me scribbling (or typing) my nonsense on this website...

So, I've just managed to butcher at least 4 metres of top quality wrapping paper in some bizarre attempt to conceal the identity of my gifts to the missus. It's literally a fire hazard. Charlie has mercifully stayed (as I wrote that he woke up and needed a feed) asleep for most of the night and the half bottle of Wray & Nephew hasn't left me blind or unconscious, which is good. (FFS, cue Charlie screaming). Back. There's something on the telly about Black Adder and the bird that played Grotbags in Emu's World, if I need to explain then this is a waste of typing, has turned up- how off key! All the same, nice to see her without the green hair - takes about 97 years off her.

Facebook seems to be filled with people properly smashed off their faces, sober(ish, who can blame them?)people performing parenting duties or Jehovahs who are basically awake and bored of the Christmas stuff. Amusing all round. I kind of envy my Swedish mates, they do it all on the 24th and beat us by a day. I remember one Christmas Eve (their main day) which was weird as we did all the usual bit's n pieces, then on actual Christmas Day I went bowling then went to a club for 5 hours. Certainly a change of scene! This Christmas Eve I've been over to my dad's house, had a mini Christmas with michelin star quality roast and met up with my aunt, uncle, step gran & grandad and gran who met Charlie for the first time whilst returning the most treasured possession of my childhood that I thought I'd lost about 17 years ago. Smashing.

I had Top of The Pops 2 on earlier, proper helped me get into my Yuletide groove. There's nothing quite like Slade, Wizard or, my favourite, The Pogues to actually make you think of snow covered streets and Christmas cheer. It's a little bit different this year, with the little one, all the Christmas magic has been restored to its innocent brilliance - even if he only understands the lights and silvery glittering of the things on that big green object that appeared where the clothes horse used to stand. Let the bells ring out for Christmaaaaaas! Maybe even louder than the epically smashed locals from the pub down the road signing "We wush yoooou a marry Chrusssmus, we wush yoooou a marry Chrussssmus..."

What awaits the rest of this wonderful Christmas Day eh? Well we've got a busy schedule, me the lady and the little man. Firstly we're off to her mum's gaff for a champagne breakfast, then the small matter of a drive to my mum's for the actual main dinner event. Remaining fingers crossed the little man behaves and teething takes a back teet so we can all enjoy the day. Wish us luck!

Anyway, one thing I haven't done yet is give you a full written version of the infamous "Fingers Story". Not actually as filthy as the name suggests and if you know me in person you'll probably know it already. Either way! Tomorrow will be the day I put it into type and in the meantime I'd graciously ask that you share the FB page amongst your mates so I can become a little more famous. Much love.


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