Thursday, 29 September 2011

Coggblog Is Back In Action...

Finally, Bastard Telecom have fixed my Internet connection, my 7 week old sleep thief has decided to relinquish his kleptomaniac ways and I've downloaded the Blogger app on my phone- Coggblog's back in action.

I'm picking up some interesting bits & pieces and putting them on, so have a butchers and like the page.

To give a bit of a backstory on the Bastard Telecom situation, some cretinous mugdick drove down my road with a hiab crane on the back of a truck, cleverly deciding it would be a good idea to leave the bucket/grabber raised in the air- nicely ripping down the phone lines to 40 houses in the process. Blatant Twats took over a week to show their baffled little faces and actually get round to fixing everyone's services. If I'd have caught the utter prick who committed this heinous crime, I'd have gone round his house, pushed over all his houseplants, stuffed a school of kippers behind his radiators and put up cards in every phonebox in the area advertising his services as a rentboy who caters to rape fantasies. That's just for starters.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Mermaid Whores...

For the right price, the liberally minded people of Västerås in Sweden can enjoy a rich vain of aquatic prostitution - served by Europe's only floating brothel.