Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I've had enough of Blogspot...

Infuriating settings on Blogspot's epically shit iPhone app mean I can't edit and finish drafted posts because they are written in CODE.

I know diddly fuckall about this matrix nonsense and I'm not about to start learning now.

There's been a whopper of a post sitting on this app that I've been keen to publish, yet the bastards in the colourful houses at Google (who I'm pretty sure run Blogspot) have made it painfully awkward for me to get it out.

Anyway, apologies for the lack of posts, I'm close to renaming the blog "Less Waffle Than a Sudanese Anorexia Clinic".

I will, and this is a promise, get scribbling soon and make my long anticipated return with a grating abuse of someone famous, perhaps a parody of some persuasion or maybe just a good old rant with a Coggblog twist.

For the meantime, whist the dregs of society shit themselves with joy as a flicker of fire rolls through their decrepit ghetto streets, I hope you're all looking forward to the international school sports day as much as I am (gauge sarcasm)- it's going to fuel much mockery on my part.

Back soon.