Monday, 31 January 2011

Bitter About Twitter

I'm actually so fucked off with Twitter I've given up with trying to fix a feed to this blog. Had enough. Fuck it. Can't be bothered. Some prize computer geek wanker is probably laughing at my constant stumbling around, tell you what mate, go out and get a bird, do some exercise and choke painfully on your fried chicken you sweaty, lazy cunt. Choke.

I'm actually bitter about Twitter. Very. It looks all straight forward - can't be that much of a challenge, linking one to another? I can link books together by gluing the outside back covers making a superb double novel or sellotape a few remotes together to make a master multimedia control device. That's some straight forward, top notch engineering. But putting a Twatter feed on my blog - fucking impossible.

SO, Mr Twatter, step forward and fix my shit, or perhaps throw yourself into a pit of angry scorpions. Both will make me feel better.

***IT TOOK ME FIVE DAYS*** ------->>

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