Friday, 24 December 2010

Turning Down 20,000 Cocksuckers? - No, Mr Presidente!

A news story caught my eye today.

Nigerian sex slave rescue from Mali 'fails'

The Nigerian government have jealously attempted to bring back 20,000 whores from Mali, apparently trafficked by a hardcore of minimum wage Saturday staff:

"So-called "trolley-boys" - the trafficking middle-men - run "the relay race", passing their human cargo onwards, with promises of jobs in hairdressing and supermarkets."

I have always suspected the people going around the car parks of Tescos, with their glazed eyes robotically shunting columns of trolleys, to harbor a sinister secret - and now we have the truth. Leading Tracy on with promises of work in uncle Colin's salon or a shift on the cash registers, disgraceful. It goes on to say:

"The true nature of the "job" is revealed later." How apt.

Strangely, Mali don't seem too keen to hand back their entire army of hoes.

"All of us have failed," says Mr Orakwue, a Nigerian whore rescue man, "The first thing that is preventing their return is support from the Malian authorities".

Apparently the government there realises life as a Malian farmhand on less than a 75p a day isn't much fun without a trip down the brasshouse - that would be like taking the rollercoasters out of Alton Towers.

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