Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fuck Off Pizza Hut

Last night, starving like a skinny goat with no grub in the house and to avoid the treacherous slushy streets, I decided to get a pizza delivered. I wanted to order online as screaming my postcode over and over again, to man who is a from a far sunnier part of the world, was something I wanted to avoid. Unfortunately, I encounted a "security" measure. Only the most portly, fat bastards can remember their passwords for Pizza Hut and, not fitting this criteria as an irregular customer, I cetainly couldn't. I thought, "fucknows it's got to be PIZZA or PIZZAHUT" or something generic. But no, it was some cryptic shit I must have thought up buzzing out of my mind. What I didn't expect, however, was to get LOCKED OUT from Pizza Hut's site for 8 minutes whilst they obviously tried to contact the cyber police and let them know I was planning a feast with Julian fucking Assange, to celebrate the last release of cables, or a 10th birthday party with special guest, Gary Glitter. What a prize farce.

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