Monday, 8 August 2011

London IS Burning...

It's kicking off - EVERYWHERE. Tottenham, Wood Green, Enfield, Peckham, Brixton, East Ham, Clapham, Croydon, Hackney, Ilford, Dalston, Barking, Lewisham. In Birmingham, too.

North. South. East. But, so far, no sign of anything in the West! Which is slightly baffling because if you're going to go looting - surely Harvey Nics or Harrods is going to be a better bet than Trixie Fried Chicken or Iceland. Diamond rings or prawn rings. Decisions, decisions. One picture made me laugh, some absolute jewel encrusted buffoon had looted from Currys in Tottenham and got nicked by the old bill trying to make good her escape. She had, however, forgotten that one of her looted treasures might haven given her away. The cretin was wearing a Currys' staff fleece with a nice stitched logo. You couldn't fucking make it up. Mug.

Another irony is the hoodrats, and they're nothing but curb scum, went and smashed up the JobCentre in Tottenham. Erm, hold on a minute, isn't that where you get your giro from, you useless fucking Jeremy Kyle fodder sewer filth? Actually, this is riddled with irony. This was started by a recognised criminal getting nailed in a preplanned operation - the old bill had plenty of reasons to collar this fella. Now the crowds are complaining about THEIR treatment from the police - after doing this. Although, they'll be happy when the coppers stop their houses getting burnt down. The mobs burnt down a Greggs in Croydon - they'll all fucking starve! In Clapham, they're battering down the door of Ladrokes. How are you now supposed to put the last fiver of your benefits on trap 5 to win some more special brew? Lastly, how are any of this band of tree swinging, cave dwelling low-lifes ever going to learn how to use a knife & fork when they destroy WIMPY? The excuse I just heard was they "Don get nuffing from der taxes". You deserve FUCKALL. You've never paid a penny of taxes in your life.

The Met Police don't have control. I've just seen a copper on TV get a brick in the face - sparked him clean out. We need to take the ARMY to these little pricks. Fire beanbag guns at their masked up faces - this is no way to carry on. How can we carry ourselves as a serious, a decent city when we let these little fucking hoodrats control our capital. We can't. This says how much is wrong with London. There needs to be a proper shake up after this. Wonder if they'll need a better wake up call than this?

The coverage on Sky News is pretty good. The BBC, in their usual shit style, have some poor interviews with some shop owners and no live pictures. Now the BBC are talking about the stock market. A bit more irony. The Sky News truck has been attacked - the BBC ran for cover. Apparently, the license fee doesn't buy you the armour necessary to repel rioters.

As the darkness falls, the proper menace will come out. Less light, less chance of getting nicked. More damage and more "fun" for the vermin to be had.

North. South. East and West. LONDON IS BURNING.

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